I walked past you today.

How intense my feeling was, as everyone around you ignored you,
or stepped to the other side of the sidewalk.
Why does it always seem that you manifest in such brilliant ways.
So hidden, yet such a thing to be treasured.
Gold and bronze, dulled in the daylight of indifference.

You smelled of earth and rejection.
But you held tight, so tight, that I could not forget.
I dined inside the building you begged in front of.
You never left my mind for an instant
and my disdain for the numerous inside who would never honor you
filled me with so much compassion and gratefulness
that my eyes have been opened.

I held back tears,
seeing and realizing the love as it was being taught to me,
right then, right there.
Wanting to weep like a child at the beauty of it
and the sweet sadness of seeing so many ignoring such a gift.

Only in our absolute surrender to love can we see the truth.
There was no beggar, only God himself.
And I am not a person, but an instrument, and extension of you
love to love, entwined for eternity, returning home.