I walked with you today.
I close my eyes, feeling so close, that the wind you exhale is the very breath the keeps me alive.
You give me signs everywhere of your love and presence.

An unexpected treasure born out of being enraptured in your Word.
A breathtaking sunset.
You have given me so much, I cannot understand. My gratitude seems so, inadequate.

How I long to gaze upon You every day.
I read about you in the Book you wrote, and I am breathlessly mesmerized.

How is this possible? To be so deeply, intimately in love with the Most High?
I feel like I am finally finding my way home. To you.

Words cannot express how fulfilled you make me. I have never known such happiness.
Such stillness in the midst of utter chaos.
My heart aches for you, clings to you with every passing moment.

My heart explodes, wanting you to return, wanting to see the one I love face to face.
My hope is that someday, when it is best, I will.

I daydream now, seeing you walking towards me in the Garden.
I feel such a “coming home” when I think of that.
To kiss your feet, wash them with my tears of joy and thankfulness for who you are, and who you have been to me.

There are truly no words to express how I feel about you. I could go on for hours, for days, for eternity.
I long to be in your sanctuary. To pray and worship you in the midst of your Body. Someday I hope that could be my means of life.

I long to serve you, worship you with every breath.
My gratitude overflows, and I cannot understand how you even let me have the privilege of working with you on this floating masterpiece in space.

I see the lost, and my eyes well up with tears.
Oh,.. if they only knew your beauty. Your strength. Your Truth. Your sovereignty, your indescribable love.

I long for my Father. I long for my Brother, Yeshua. I long for your Spirit, the fountain which overflows in the depth of my being.
Others wonder about the meaning of life. You, my God, are the meaning of life. I can think of nothing more enrapturing then loving you for the eternity.


May 10, 2011.