Oh Heavenly Father, how do I love Thee?
The past few days I feel like I have finally met you, face to face.
It is like falling in love, unceasingly

Help me to understand the fervor which so many have lost for You.
Everything else in life now seems like a distraction from You.
How can such beauty be silent from their eyes and hearts?
I look outside my window, and the world seems like such a blur.
A breath of time lost in our own indifference.

Now I know what it feels like to be chosen.
To dare to do the unthinkable, and love you beyond all else.
The knowledge of you floods over me like a waterfall of fresh rain.
I weep as the emotion fills me, I can’t explain the why or the how.
I feel like I am coming Home.

Finally, this feeling of being lost is subsiding.
I know where I belong. With You.

And I understand now just how much you are with me.
When I wake, you are the first thing on my mind. When I retire, the last.
The days now seem so sweet, with you next to me, guiding me with your Spirit.
I could weep over how grateful I am to receive this gift.

How blessed I am to see and understand, finally. To be separate from the lost.
To want nothing else but to learn how to abandon self for Your will, and not mine.
May Thine be done. I surrender, out of love, just as you did.

To love them all. To teach them all your ways. To forever be wrapped in you.
Through hunger, pain, deceit, joy, loss, love… you are all.

October 10, 2010.