What insatiable love, burns in the veins
To see so many, afraid to reach out,
So many touched by ill-fated release and vanity

Someday, I wish they could understand my love for them all
that Love is a choice, and not a mere pull of emotion

I choose to love you, no matter what you have done
I choose to love you, no matter your shyness
I choose to love you, no matter the past
As long as life has not scarred the body with the curse of ill health
that would endanger and depart

Don’t be afraid to touch me.
Don’t be afraid to assume the best.
Don’t be afraid to dream of what if.
Do not trust me, but God almighty.
For His ways are perfect, and there is no coincidence.
Only providence.

Do not hold back, but venture forth, sweet stranger.
I have no idea what future entails.
I too, hope that bubble does not burst.
But I think of the blessing of God, and my fears subside.
I think of the attacks of the past few weeks, and I understand the contrast
of Dark and Light. Rejection and Embrace.

There has been a war going on – swirling.
I have dreampt it – seen it with my own spiritual eyes.
A garden of daylight in a land of night.
A personal burden, a missed opportunity, and a blessed return.
A sachel of promise, in the desert.
A possibility, foretold.

May 6, 2013.