In sorrow, I beckon.
Come closer, bury yourself in Me.
Allow Me to become your shelter in the storm.

I tear you down to bring you closer.
I will do what it takes to bring you back to Me.
I love you more than you love yourself.
If only you could realize just how much.

Your strength given by Me will glorify the love that resides in My name
and your suffering will turn into the golden treasure of
unconditional love for me, for the rest of eternity.

Great is your reward.
I will be your rock during My brilliant overpowering tide
I throw you about, to make you cling to Me.
tighter, closer, nearer
If that’s what it takes to be connected with you again
I will do anything
For the storm you suffer only mirrors My fierce love for you
Multiplied many times over
until there is nothing left, but Us.

November 27, 2010.