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ImageThe meaning of the name Amos was rather befitting for this prophet of God. “Amos”, comes from the Hebrew word “amas”, which means, “burden”. It’s not hard to see how this fits with Amos’ calling. He lived in a time where the Word of the day was the crying out of God over social injustice. 

Things must have been pretty bad for Amos’ parents to be so aware of the times that they called their son “burden”. Perhaps they felt that having a child in that time and place would be a burden. How many parents out there feel this way about their children? Whether it be the school board, the media, or the health care system, how many of us feel like the world has failed childhood? How many of us feel that no matter how we restructure things, nothing ever seems to really work? How many of us feel like there are others out there, who are simply using our children’s vulnerability as a hopeful step up to other more lucrative means? How many times have we journeyed alongside parents too apathetic to care anymore?

It leaves us much to think about.