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Stone BarrierAs I have been wandering through the Hebrew of the Book of Amos, I am struck at once by the efforts God has taken to get our attention and influence our actions. We serve an almighty God that can do anything – yet He has chosen to take the time to attempt to turn our hearts towards His.

Some of us obey God out of duty. He is God, and He deserves our obedience simply for who He is. Some of us obey God from seeing His strength, and do so out of holy “fear” – and this is right and just as well. I have perceived the “Fear of the Lord” on one occasion – and there is a an absoluteness about it that makes one know in the core of their being, that there are some lines with the Almighty that you simply do not cross. It is important to note that this knowledge does not incite us to be afraid of God. Instead, it is a deeply profound, holy respect that when allowed, chides the soul, whispering a “Be careful” from the Spirit of God. Know your place in the scheme of things, says the Lord, and in that knowledge, know the depth of My love for you.