Hands of JesusMy name is Janet. I’m just a simple girl from a simple province in a simple country. At 29 years of age, my life took a dramatic turn that has sent me down a path I never thought possible. A path of grace. A path of peace. A path of intrigue. A path of faith I never thought possible.

After years of wandering about in a cloud of religion, I finally put it all on the line, and asked God, if He did exist, to show up. Boy, did He. I had dabbled and explored a bit of what the world had to offer in terms of “spirituality”, but God, I would find, lives outside of all this, in Christianity. Jesus Christ I discovered is real, and very much alive. To my astonishment, just as real and alive as you or I.

Soon after this realization, I began to hear God through dreams, visions, auditory experiences, circumstance, and a variety of other means completely unknown to me previously. These experiences sent me down paths that have changed and restored lives in miraculous ways, including my own.

Everything I experienced has been supported by the Bible – in fact, it has helped solidify it as the truth in ways I never thought possible, and expanded its sheer beauty and complexity as a work of art and reality that boggles the intellect.

Recently, the Lord has been directing me to begin to share my journey with Him through His Word, so that others may be strengthened and given courage to be honest with themselves in understanding their own journey with Christ. I do not pretend to be an expert. I make mistakes every day. But I hope, my path to discovering God can be of encouragement to you.

May God bless you.

– Janet